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Snaffler is a tool that can help us acquire credentials or other sensitive data in an Active Directory environment. Snaffler works by obtaining a list of hosts within the domain and then enumerating those hosts for shares and readable directories. Once that is done, it iterates through any directories readable by our user and hunts for files that could serve to better our position within the assessment. Snaffler requires that it be run from a domain-joined host or in a domain-user context.

wget -O /opt/windows/Snaffler.exe
.\Snaffler.exe -s -d INLANEFREIGHT.LOCAL -o snaffler.log -v data

The -s tells it to print results to the console for us the -d specifies the domain to search within the -o tells Snaffler to write results to a logfile The -v option is the verbosity level.

Typically data is best as it only displays results to the screen, so it's easier to begin looking through the tool runs.

We may find passwords, SSH keys, configuration files, or other data that can be used to further our access. Snaffler color codes the output for us and provides us with a rundown of the file types found in the shares.