2017-11-14 01:00:56

In this post you fill find small guide how to install this tool. There is two possibilities. Install DnsEnum on your local host or choose docker with pre-installed tool. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Docker image you can find here https://hub.docker.com/r/szalek/pentest-tools/

docker pull szalek/pentest-tools
docker run -it szalek/pentest-tools

How to use

dnsenum google.com


If you prefer installation, here is what I using too add this tool to docker

apt-get update && \\
apt-get install -y git && \\
apt-get install -y build-essential && \\
apt-get install -y cpanminus && \\
git clone https://github.com/fwaeytens/dnsenum.git /home/dnsenum/ && \\
chmod +x /home/dnsenum/dnsenum.pl && \\
ln -s /home/dnsenum/dnsenum.pl /usr/bin/dnsenum && \\
cpanm String::Random && \\
cpanm Net::IP && \\
cpanm Net::DNS && \\
cpanm Net::Netmask && \\
cpanm XML::Writer