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6667 - Pentesting psql

  • IRC was originally a plain text protocol (although later extended), which on request was assigned port 194/TCP by IANA.
  • However, the de facto standard has always been to run IRC on 6667/TCP and nearby port numbers (for example TCP ports 6660–6669, 7000) to avoid having to run the IRCd software with root privileges.

Nmap scan

nmap -sV -sC -p 6667,6697,8067 $(target) 

Nmap scan

nmap -sV --script irc-botnet-channels     -p 6667 $(target) | tee
nmap -sV --script irc-info                -p 6667 $(target) | tee
nmap -sV --script irc-unrealircd-backdoor -p 6667 $(target) | tee
netcat -v -n $(target) 6667