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048| The Year in Cyber: 2020

2020 has been a year no one predicted. COVID-19 made remote work the norm and shook up the attack landscape. Through it all, breaches and ransomware attacks continued to plague organizations. In this episode we're looking back at some of the trends that defined the cyber world in 2020 with F-Secure's Tom Van de Wiele and Nick Jones. Also in this episode: The supply chain attack on SolarWinds; update on the cyber skills shortage; 2020's effect on VPN, Zero Trust, and cloud; the 2020 US elections and more. Links: Episode 48 transcript (Cyber Security Sauna)

SolarWinds hack spotlights a thorny legal problem: Who to blame for espionage?

Every massive breach comes with a trail of lawsuits and regulatory ramifications that can last for years. Home Depot, for instance, only last month settled with a group of state attorneys general over its 2014 breach. The SolarWinds security incident that U.S. officials have pinned on state-sponsored Russian hackers is unlike anything that came before, legal experts say, meaning the legal liability could take even longer to resolve in court. As Congress, federal government departments and corporations reckon with the vast sweep of the SolarWinds breach, there are still many more questions than answers. Fewer pieces of it are less certain than how it might play out in court, where companies and individuals alike stand to gain or lose. Many millions of dollars, corporate blame and years of finger-pointing are on the line. That’s because the targets — government agencies, and some major companies — aren’t the usual kind of […] The post SolarWinds hack spotlights a thorny legal problem: Who to blame for espionage? appeared first on CyberScoop. (CyberScoop)

FBI: Pranksters Are Hijacking Smart Devices To Live-Stream Swatting

(News ≈ Packet Storm)

A New Year, A New Administration: Doors Open In 2021 For Public-Private Cooperation

(News ≈ Packet Storm)

Bitcoin Surges To Record $28,500, Quadrupling In Value This Year

(News ≈ Packet Storm)

Apple Loses In Lawsuit Against U.S. Security Bug Startup

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FBI Warn Hackers are Using Hijacked Home Security Devices for ‘Swatting’

Stolen email credentials are being used to hijack home surveillance devices, such as Ring, to call police with a fake emergency, then watch the chaos unfold. (Threatpost)

Taking a Neighborhood Watch Approach to Retail Cybersecurity

Bugcrowd CTO Casey Ellis covers new cybersecurity challenges for online retailers. (Threatpost)

The 5 Most-Wanted Threatpost Stories of 2020

A look back at what was hot with readers -- offering a snapshot of the security stories that were most top-of-mind for security professionals and consumers throughout the year. (Threatpost)


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