Security daily (26-11-2020)

Bzzzzzzt! How safe is that keenly priced digital doorbell?

How on earth are you supposed to figure out whether that home gadget you just ordered is full of security holes or not? (Naked Security)

Hackers Love Expired Domains

Sometimes, website owners no longer want to own a domain name and they allow it to expire without attempting to renew it. This happens all the time and is totally normal, but it’s important to remember that attackers regularly monitor domain expirations and may target certain domains that meet specific criteria. Vendor domains can be an easy backdoor A vendor (supplier) domain is defined as a website that is used to host and load third party Javascript resources — for example, something like a live chat widget or also advertisements. Continue reading Hackers Love Expired Domains at Sucuri Blog. (Sucuri Blog)

Federated Learning: A Therapeutic for what Ails Digital Health

Researchers show the promise of Federated Learning to protect patient privacy and improve healthcare outcomes across the world. (Threatpost)

Changing Employee Security Behavior Takes More Than Simple Awareness

Designing a behavioral change program requires an audit of existing security practices and where the sticking points are. (Threatpost)


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