Security daily (16-05-2020)

Spring 2020 SOC 2 Type I Privacy report now available

We continue to be customer focused in addressing privacy requirements, enabling you to be confident in how your content is protected while using Amazon Web Services. Our latest SOC2 Type 1 Privacy report is now available to demonstrate our privacy compliance commitments to you. Our spring 2020 SOC 2 Type I Privacy report provides you […] (AWS Security Blog)

This Course Bundle Will Teach You How to Start & Grow a Business

Ever a hacker can have their own business that goes beyond cashing in on profitable bug bounties. With the right skill set and certifications, an ethical hacker could build a cybersecurity firm, become a penetration testing for hire, or even just consult on preventive measures to defend against black hats. But learning how to start and grow a business is rarely easy.

It's not much of an exaggeration to say that the economy will never entirely be the same. In the wake of a pandemic that has upended businesses and altered traditional demand models, workers are scrambling to adapt to a new... more (Null Byte « WonderHowTo)

How to Hack Like It's 1987 (An Introduction to the Telehack Retro Game)

Whether you miss the good old days of Telnet or you want to know what hacking was like when security was nothing but an afterthought, Telehack is the game for you. The text-based hacking game is a simulation of a stylized combination of ARPANET and Usenet, circa 1985 to 1990, with a full multi-user universe and player interactions, including 26,600 hosts.

Before cloud computing, social media, and online shopping, there existed something called ARPANET, the precursor to the internet as we know it. When ARPANET expanded in the '80s, it became the wild west of computers. PCs were just becoming a... more (Null Byte « WonderHowTo)

What's Lost, Gained As Black Hat And DEF CON Go Virtual

(News ≈ Packet Storm)


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