Security daily (14-04-2020)

8 Web Courses to Supplement Your Hacking Knowledge

We're living in uncertain times. The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus and subsequent self-isolation of roughly half the world's population has led to a massive reorganization of the economy, countless layoffs, compromised security networks, and a variety of other significant disruptions that will forever alter the landscape of our daily lives.

Countless industries are struggling to stay afloat while governments develop and implement a response to the virus. But a small handful of other sectors have actually become stronger as a result of the outbreak, namely tech. It's being viewed as... more (Null Byte « WonderHowTo)

Dell Releases A New Cybersecurity Utility To Detect BIOS Attacks

Computer manufacturing giant Dell has released a new security tool for its commercial customers that aims to protect their computers from stealthy and sophisticated cyberattacks involving the compromise of the BIOS.

Dubbed 'SafeBIOS Events & Indicators of Attack' (IoA), the new endpoint security software is a behavior-based threat detection system that alerts users when BIOS settings of their (The Hacker News)

Webinar: How MSSPs Can Overcome Coronavirus Quarantine Challenges

The Coronavirus quarantine introduces an extreme challenge for IT and Security teams to maintain secure environments during the mass transition of employees working remotely and the surge in cyberattacks targeting its inherent security weaknesses.

In a webinar for security service providers taking place on April 22nd (register here), a leading MSSP will share how they conquer and overcome the (The Hacker News)