Security daily (10-04-2020)

Enable automatic logging of web ACLs by using AWS Config

In this blog post, I will show you how to use AWS Config, with its auto-remediation functionality, to ensure that all web ACLs have logging enabled. The AWS CloudFormation template included in this blog post will facilitate this solution, and will get you started being able to manage web ACL logging at scale. AWS Firewall […] (AWS Security Blog)

How to Pick an Antenna for Wi-Fi Hacking

When learning Wi-Fi hacking, picking a compatible Wi-Fi network adapter is the first step to learning to crack Wi-Fi passwords.

Many compatible adapters have swappable antennas, and there are several different kinds of specialized antennas you can add to a network adapter to increase its range and performance. Using a high-gain omnidirectional antenna, a panel antenna, and a parabolic grid, we'll examine the effect on Wi-Fi signal strength for each category of Wi-Fi antenna.

Antennas Expand What Network Adapters Can Do

Wireless network adapters frequently come with a small omnidirectional... more (Null Byte « WonderHowTo)