Security daily (07-04-2020)

Crazy cryptomining Cooking Mama rumours spread as game pulled from Nintendo Switch online store

This weekend rumours circulated that the Nintendo Switch video game “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” contained code that would secretly hijack the game console’s processing power to mine for cryptocurrency. Probably not the kind of think you expect as you attempt to conjour up everything from burritos to Baked Alaska. (Graham Cluley)

Unveiled: How xHelper Android Malware Re-Installs Even After Factory Reset

Remember xHelper?

A mysterious piece of Android malware that re-installs itself on infected devices even after users delete it or factory reset their devices—making it nearly impossible to remove.

xHelper reportedly infected over 45,000 devices last year, and since then, cybersecurity researchers have been trying to unfold how the malware survives factory reset and how it infected so many (The Hacker News)

Secure Remote Working During COVID-19 — Checklist for CISOs

Coronavirus crisis introduces a heavy burden on the CISOs with the collective impact of a mass transition to working remotely coupled with a surge of cyberattacks that strive to monetize the general chaos.

Security vendors, unintendedly, contribute to this burden by a relentless generation of noise in the form of attack reports, best practices, tips, and threat landscape analysis.

Here we (The Hacker News)

Zoom Caught in Cybersecurity Debate — Here's Everything You Need To Know

Over the past few weeks, the use of Zoom video conferencing software has exploded ever since it emerged the platform of choice to host everything from cabinet meetings to yoga classes amidst the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and work from home became the new normal.

The app has skyrocketed to 200 million daily users from an average of 10 million in December — along with a 535 percent increase (The Hacker News)