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DHS boss Mayorkas encourages hackers to join government during Black Hat speech

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas encouraged attendees at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference to collaborate with the agency on defining the future of cybersecurity policy. “We need your creativity, your ideas, your boldness, and your willingness to push limits. We need you to help us navigate a path that has not yet been mapped,” Mayorkas said. “What’s at stake here is nothing less than the future of the internet, the future of our economic and national security, and the future of our country.” Mayorkas announced the impending launch of the Cyber Talent Management System, which will redefine hiring requirements for cybersecurity roles in the federal government and adjust pay rates to better fit the current workforce. He urged attendees to “lead the charge on the inside,” by joining the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and DHS. “This initiative…will give us more flexibility to hire the very best cyber […] The post DHS boss Mayorkas encourages hackers to join government during Black Hat speech appeared first on CyberScoop. (CyberScoop)

CISA director unveils cyber defense collaborative center for pre-attack planning

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Director Jen Easterly announced the launch of a cyber defense center Thursday that will seek to foster collaboration before cyberattacks, rather than afterward, between federal agencies, the private sector and state and local governments. Speaking at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas in one of her first public appearances since the Senate confirmed her last month to lead the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber wing, Easterly said the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) would try to enhance teamwork that often happens only after a major incident, such as the past year’s high-profile attacks on companies like SolarWinds or Kaseya. “While some of this work is happening in pockets, most of it is reactive,” Easterly said in prepared remarks. “The unique value add of the JCDC is to create a proactive capability for government and private sector to work together closely before an incident occurs […] The post CISA director unveils cyber defense collaborative center for pre-attack planning appeared first on CyberScoop. (CyberScoop)

Facebook stops NYU researchers from examining misinformation, is criticized for 'silencing' transparency efforts

Facebook shut down the accounts of researchers at New York University’s Ad Observatory who were studying misinformation, saying the team of experts had violated the company’s policies on automated collection of user data. The researchers argue that the social media giant shut down their access because their research, which has focused on misleading political advertisements and vaccine misinformation, has drawn negative attention to the company. The shutdown builds on years of tension between researchers and the platform. Researchers argue that they deserve special exemptions from Facebook’s policies banning the automatic collection of data from the platform because it holds valuable insights into how the company influences democracy and social issues in the U.S. “Facebook is silencing us because our work often calls attention to problems on its platform. Worst of all, Facebook is using user privacy, a core belief that we have always put first in our work, as a […] The post Facebook stops NYU researchers from examining misinformation, is criticized for 'silencing' transparency efforts appeared first on CyberScoop. (CyberScoop)

“Cobalt Strike” network attack tool patches crashtastic server bug

Ahhhh, the irony! Red-team network attack tool has its very own bug for Blue Teams to counterexploit. (Naked Security)

Critical Cobalt Strike Bug Leaves Botnet Servers Vulnerable To Takedown

(News ≈ Packet Storm)

Black Hat: Let's All Help Cyber Immunize Each Other

(News ≈ Packet Storm)

Black Hat: Security Bugs Allow Takeover Of Capsule Hotel Rooms

(News ≈ Packet Storm)

TechScape: Why Hacker Summer Camp And Pandemics Don't Mix

(News ≈ Packet Storm)

Salesforce Release Updates — A Cautionary Tale for Security Teams

On the surface, Salesforce seems like a classic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Someone might even argue that Salesforce invented the SaaS market. However, the more people work with the full offering of Salesforce, the more they realize that it goes beyond a traditional SaaS platform's capabilities. For example, few people talk about managing the security aspects of Salesforce Release (The Hacker News)

A Wide Range of Cyber Attacks Leveraging Prometheus TDS Malware Service

Multiple cybercriminal groups are leveraging a malware-as-a-service (MaaS) solution to distribute a wide range of malicious software distribution campaigns that result in the deployment of payloads such as Campo Loader, Hancitor, IcedID, QBot, Buer Loader, and SocGholish against individuals in Belgium as well as government agencies, companies, and corporations in the U.S. <!--adsense-->Dubbed " (The Hacker News)

Several Malware Families Targeting IIS Web Servers With Malicious Modules

A systematic analysis of attacks against Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) servers has revealed as many as 14 malware families, 10 of them newly documented, indicating that the Windows-based web server software continues to be a hotbed for natively developed malware for close to eight years. The findings were presented today by ESET malware researcher Zuzana Hromcova at the Black (The Hacker News)

Russian Federal Agencies Were Attacked With Chinese Webdav-O Virus

An amalgam of multiple state-sponsored threat groups from China may have been behind a string of targeted attacks against Russian federal executive authorities in 2020. The latest research, published by Singapore-headquartered company Group-IB, delves into a piece of computer virus called "Webdav-O" that was detected in the intrusions, with the cybersecurity firm observing similarities between (The Hacker News)

Black Hat: New CISA Head Woos Crowd With Public-Private Task Force

Day two Black Hat keynote by CISA Director Jen Easterly includes launch of private-public partnership with Amazon, Google and Microsoft to fight cybercrime. (Threatpost)

Auditors: Feds’ Cybersecurity Gets the Dunce Cap

Out of eight agencies, four were given D grades in a report for the Senate, while the Feds overall got a C-.  (Threatpost)

MacOS Flaw in Telegram Retrieves Deleted Messages

Telegram declined to fix a scenario in which the flaw can be exploited, spurring a Trustwave researcher to decline a bug bounty and to disclose his findings instead. (Threatpost)

Black Hat: Microsoft’s Patch for Windows Hello Bypass Bug is Faulty, Researchers Say

Researchers show how to circumvent Microsoft’s Windows Hello biometric authentication using a spoofed USB camera. (Threatpost)

Black Hat: Charming Kitten Leaves More Paw Prints

IBM X-Force detailed the custom-made "LittleLooter" data stealer and 4+ hours of ITG18 operator training videos revealed by an opsec goof. (Threatpost)


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