The lie of responsive app.

2015-09-10 17:10:34

Library like boodstrap or foundation.zurb are great and powerful.

Developer armed with that tools can create great responsive apps. What does responsively mean ? It means, that our app should looks good on desktop, tablet and phone.

And here we have key words "looks good" and "responsive".

Very often people thinks "responsive" is equal "mobile". Is that so?

As a developer we want to create one layout for browser, tablet and phone. And that is ok. It will work very very well, and more, this is easy to do.

There are plenty technic to adjust app according to resolutions. Developer can: - use rows / columns approach - remove unnecessary items form layout or apply different css (css media{}) - show different menu if screen is to small - show other customized graphic - and other

I think now you know what "lie of responsive app" means.

Responsive functionality is connected with layout, and how user sees our app in different resolutions, but sill this "mobile version" loads the same amount of data.

And that is lie that we revise. responsively is great but not true mobile.

If user use mobile version of our app we should respect his internet limitation and load only necessary data.

We have to know what we create. Creating responsive app does not finish the work.....