Handbook for Product Manager - How to kill your project.

2016-01-19 19:18:21

Rule 1 - Unit tests are evil.

Your project doesn't need them. Development team need time to prepere them and you know that, they have better things to do. More, unit tests doesn't add any new features for your application. This mean, you cannot sell them.

Rule 2 - Refactoring.

If you hear this word - scream like a madman. This is a way how developer do nothing.

Rule 3 - Generic.

Yes, oh yes. This word you have to love. You application have to be generic. Your application should be able to do everything what you can imagine.

Rule 4 - Requirements.

Yep. This is your part in development process, you have to change them frequently, you know why, your team is an "Agile Team" and you have to give them something to work. Do not worry if your requirements are not very clear, development team have time to figure out what you realny need.

Rule 5 - You are Manager.

The development team is under you. You have the last words.

Rule 6 - Problem with deadline.

If you have any problem with deadlines, add more people to the team. From mathematical perspective it have to work. Mathematics is a Science!

Rule 7 - Customer Demo.

If you have brilliant idea how to improve your project before demo don't bother yourself, and send this requirements to the team. They manage to to this, they are agile.

Rule 8 - Documentation - the more the merrier.

Everything have to be documented. Before, during and after work on feature, member of the team have to create voluminous documentation.

Rule 9 - Time is money.

Each day spend some time asking yout team what they did and why it took them so long.

Rule 10 - Buzzword.

Clean code, design patterns, best practices are buzzwords in IT word. Do not pay any attention. When developers are bored they communicate with each other using these words.

Rule 11 - Discussion.

Whenewer you want to, you can go to the team and discuss various subjects. Interrupting them is not a problem, they are multithreaded, they don't have any problem with going back to previous task after a short break.

Rule 12 - The Friend.

If you have to immediately add something to your application choose the most overworked person. Overworked person is the best person in the team. For some reason, he is responsible for all his tasks, it makes no difference to him if you add one more.